Monday, 9 June 2014

Dental Sealants Dentist

Caring for Children’s Teeth – the Easy Way!Dental Sealants Dentist Ypsilanti
Although a child may learn to brush thoroughly with help and instruction from an adult, sometimes even careful brushing doesn’t reach all the grooves and contours of teeth – especially the back teeth. If left alone, bacteria will grow and plaque will form, eventually causing decay. Decay means permanent damage to a tooth that can only be repaired with a filling or crown.

What can we do to keep this from happening? Today, there are sealants that are applied to a child's teeth to help preserve a tooth in its entirety. Here is how dental sealants work:

  • Teeth are cleaned and sterilized. 
  • A clear, thin plastic coat is applied to each tooth.
  • A curing light is used to bond the sealant to the tooth.
  • This is a quick procedure of just a few minutes. No shots or drills are needed so the application is painless. And the whole tooth remains intact.
Dental sealants really work and together with daily hygiene will maintain natural teeth for years to come.

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