Saturday, 17 August 2013

Smile Makeovers in Ypsilanti MI

Having the Smile You Dreamed Of
Teeth Whitening Dentist Ypsilanti MI

Patients who have had cosmetic dentistry from our office can’t seem to stop smiling! With restorative techniques that straighten, whiten, or provide a natural-looking full set of teeth, they now have a beautiful smile that gives them confidence and makes them want to smile more often. We can help you remake your smile in a shorter amount of time than you may think with payment options that make it very affordable. Let us show you how we can give you dazzling, healthy teeth to keep you smiling.

Reasons You Might Need a Crown

A tooth may be broken, fractured, or simply worn down and a crown or “cap” is necessary to place over a tooth to strengthen and/or save it. We use high-quality porcelain materials to construct a crown that is natural looking, functions as a regular tooth, and can last for many years.

Implants Make for a Perfect Smile

We know what can happen when you have missing teeth – you become self-conscious about your appearance, you can have difficulties in chewing the foods you need for good health, but you are uncertain about what to do. Please let us discuss dental implants with you – a solution that will make you want to smile again with these natural-looking restorations. They can replace one tooth or many. The titanium post is permanently placed in your mouth by an oral surgeon. The actual tooth structure is custom made by Dr. Crider and placed over the post, and they function and look just like the real thing. 

Quick and Easy Smile Transformations

Maybe you can hardly imagine it, but yes, we can give you a smile makeover in as little as two visits! We can correct teeth with deep discoloration, gaps, or misshapen teeth to give you that smile you’ve always wanted. We use porcelain veneers that easily fit over and are bonded to your teeth. They are made from advanced dental ceramic and look just like natural teeth.

Have a Whiter, Brighter Smile

Often times caffeine, tobacco, antibiotics, or some foods will severely discolor or dull the appearance of teeth. Don’t lose hope that your teeth will never be white again! Even severely stained teeth can be whitened with the professional methods and products we offer you. We go beyond the limitations of over-the-counter products to restore the shade of your teeth to their whitest with KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching. You will be amazed at the results we can give you. Best of all, the process is easy and the results occur in a short time. We make custom whitening trays that fit precisely for your dental arch.

We also offer a take-home whitening kit for professional results in the privacy of your own home. We give you instructions on how to use the tray and products that will give you results within 1 - 14 days. It is a safe, easy technique.

No More Metal Fillings

Today, we can offer you composite resin fillings for all your teeth. What used to be a dark, very noticeable filling in a tooth from a silver-mercury restoration is now a very natural-looking filling that matches the shade of natural tooth structure. Our white acrylic resin fillings bond much better to the tooth than the metal fillings, lessening the chances of bacteria and decay affecting the tooth. Smile, laugh, sing, or speak – as all your teeth will look very natural.

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Friday, 16 August 2013

Mercury Free & Safe

Mercury Free Safe Dental Care Ann Arbor Ypsilanti MI
A Mercury-Safe Office

There is no completely harmless level of mercury exposure, though the effect on each individual is varied. We also know that these fillings emit mercury vapor, and we feel our patients and staff should be able to avoid this exposure.

To this end, our office has undergone recent changes to comply with the mercury-safe protocol established by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, an organization to which we belong. We have installed new suction and filtration systems and purchased an amalgam separator that exceeds American Dental Association standards. We have also adjusted procedures to
increase safety.

What does this mean for our patients, staff, and neighbors?

  • New fillings will always be 100% mercury free!
  • Your exposure to vapor and particulates during removal of old fillings will be as minimal as we can make it.
  • Ventilation and disposal systems minimize airborne exposure to our team members and patients in the office.
  • Proper disposal protects the environment.
If you have any questions about our equipment, procedures, or philosophy, please call
us at (734) 572-4428.

You can also learn more at the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology website and Dr. Tom McGuire’s Mercury Safe Dentists website.

Some helpful pages:
Assess your mercury risk
Mercury-related symptoms and diseases

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Dentists in Ypsilanti MI

Dr. Crider and Dr. Janowicz are pleased to be able to offer beautiful smiles to their neighbors in Ypsilanti and the surrounding communities.

Dr.Cori Crider Dentist Ypsilanti MI Cori Crider, DDS, earned her dental degree with honors from the University of Michigan School of Dentistry, after earning her bachelor’s degree from The Ohio State University. She has additional training from the Pankey Institute with an emphasis on temporomandibular jaw joint disorders and bitesplint therapy. She believes strongly in ongoing education and is always seeking to learn new procedures and techniques to give her patients the smiles of their dreams faster and easier than ever. In addition to attending programs at the prestigious Kois Center, she has recent training in Invisalign™ clear aligners. Dr. Crider’s commitment to lifelong education means she is constantly evaluating emerging dental methods and technologies in order to provide her patients with the best results in the least invasive manner with a high emphasis on comfort. This commitment ensures the highest level of care, both today and tomorrow.

Dr. Crider supports her community with donations to local women’s shelters and a support house for abused and homeless children and teens. She and her husband Michael have two adult children, and in her spare time, she enjoys traveling, wildlife photography, and showing their two Labrador retrievers.

Cori K. Crider, DDS
2444 Packard Road
Ypsilanti, MI 48197
(734) 572-4428