Monday, 16 June 2014

Children's Oral Health

Pediatric Dental Care Ypsilanti MI
Good Dental Health is Important
We start teaching kids good habits early and continue to encourage them during each visit. We feel that the excellent care and comfortable environment we provide are factors of their willingness to do so.

Often, children do not brush their teeth properly, so we give instruction both to children and parents, so the parents can ensure that their children are taking care of their teeth and gums. Young children tend to eat throughout the day, exposing their teeth to acid for a longer period of time. This makes it more likely for cavities to develop.

Teeth that are already not as clean as they need to be develop decay as they are exposed to more food and drink. Ensuring proper hygiene habits and encouraging good dietary choices along with an application of a protective varnish to mineralize teeth improves the health and longevity of our young patient’s natural teeth.

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