Friday, 11 April 2014

Migraine Headache Dental Treatment

Migraine Headache Dental Treatment Ypsilanti MI
Problems with Recurring Tension or Migraine Headaches? Help is Finally Here.

Those who suffer from severe headaches are accustomed to swallowing a pill for relief. But today there is a drug-free alternative to become pain free. It is a small acrylic device called the NTI™ that is approved by the FDA, painless when in place, and very affordable. It has been successful with so many patients that it has received much media attention. Statistics have shown that 82% of migraine sufferers had a 77% reduction in occurrences.

When the appliance is placed inside your mouth, the jaw is placed in a correct position, allowing the muscles under the scalp to relax. As most headaches occur from the strain of these muscles, this device is most effective and easy to use and re-use with no side effects, no prescription, and no more headaches! Please let us know if you have problems with headaches, so we can help provide relief from this debilitating pain. 

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